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07.11.2017 at 18:53

Wirklich gute Software die durchdacht ist, toll funktioniert und immer gewartet wird ist selten.
MyPhoneExplorer ist eine davon! Weiter so, toll!
Lg Philipp
07.11.2017 at 12:44

I use this software since many years, even before Android at the time there were UIQ3 and it was and still an impressive software.

I do appreciate additions like supporting 2 sim cards, currently 1 in many areas like the signal.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.
27.10.2017 at 05:30

Just wanted to let anyone considering using this application know what I think.

1 - It blows EVERYTHING you've tried before out of the water!
2 - It does more than you would expect, and certainly more than any competitive product!
3 - Can't understand why it took so long to find - I've tried, SideSync, Mobizen, Airdroid and a number of others who I won't name because they were truly rubbish. This is better than all of them combined.

Congratulations to the Dev's and Testers - fantastic job. You should be shouting out to the market more now.
Messages : 31 to 40
Page : 4
Number of messages : 6912