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12.04.2007 at 00:21

Just installed your product and feel compelled to say it is truly an excellent application, well thought out, very, very functional and not bloated out with excessive features!
Have moved from Nokia, and I find your application to be far superior in terms of ease of use when compared to their PC Suite.
I'm also impressed at how lean the application is when in use - it doesn't slow my system down and certainly isnt a resource hog.
It's a pleasure to use - thank you so much.
11.04.2007 at 01:53

Excellent piece of software. I highly commend your efforts in writing this program It is so user-friendly and easy to use out-of-the box, so to speak. Itís a shame that large software giants such as SE cannot provide such a package as standard. Their bundled software is so poorly designed and written, with so many shortfalls (How can you not have SMS!!!??? -ludicrous)
I hope the bods at SE are taking notes...because they have a lot of work to do...if they are going to come anywhere close.
Well done, and thank you so much.

Vielen Dank

Take care
11.04.2007 at 01:17

After hours messing around, trying to get Sony Ericsson's software to work, your excellent package was a relief. Well done to your team for designing a highly effective product that is simple to use. Any chance you could make it so users can upate software/firmware too? Bet you'd make a better job of it than SE!
10.04.2007 at 19:00


Efficace, rapide et gratuit, je verse mon don Paypal aujourd'hui mÍme.
10.04.2007 at 17:28

Great job! You made a program that the SE PC Suite should have been. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this way. Keep up the good work, we really appreciate your efforts!
09.04.2007 at 23:05

Hi also erstmal ein Łberdickes Lob an die/den Coder!!!! Hilft extrem weiter das kleine Tool Weiter so!!!!
08.04.2007 at 14:20

Very good, fantastic program! Big thanks man.
Very good.
Messages : 6901 to 6910
Page : 691
Number of messages : 6950