How to create a holidayfile for MyPhoneExplorer

Holidayfiles for MyPhoneExplorer must have the extension *.dat . Open an existing holidayfile with notepad and you'll see the filestructure.

Every line represents a holiday

Structure of a line:
There are three values seperated with a | - char
1st: Name of the holiday
2nd: Use 1 for an official holiday (markets are closed) and 0 for other holidays
3rd: datevalue of this holiday

There are three optional values seperated with a space

1st (required) :
This is the base date, some examples:
0101 - 1st January
0507 - 5th July
ES - Eastersunday
EES - Eastersunday in the east (orthodox) church
03052006 - 3rd May 2006 Note !! In this Format the holiday is only parsed for the given year ! Only for special holidays which cannot be calculated on any other possibilities.

2nd (optional): Use this as counter for days: eastermonday would be ES +1

3rd (optional): Here you can set a weekday, use the following strings: MO=Monday, TU=Tuesday, WE=Wednesday, TH=Thursday, FR=Friday, SA=Saturday, SU=Sunday.
Example: The second sunday in may 0105 +2 SU , or the last monday in november 3011 -1 MO

Some examples:
New Years Day|1|0101 The first january
Ash Wednesday|0|ES -46 46 days before eastersunday
Martin Luther King Day|1|0101 +3 MO The third monday in january

If there are any holidays in your country with can't been represented with those datevalues (like eastern in christendom) ,
please contact me, and i will try to find a way how i can calculate these days

After you have finished creating the file you save it in the holidayfolder (usually C:\Programs\MyPhoneExplorer\holidays ).
As filename you choose the name of your country with extension "*.dat"
Now you can select your holidayfile in the optionsdialog of MyPhoneExplorer.

I would be thankful if you can send me your created holidayfile so i can add it to future versions of MyPhoneExplorer. But please check that the calendarfile works correct on a few years.

Best regards
Franz Josef Wechselberger

How to create a languagefile for MyPhoneExplorer

First, before you start to translate MyPhoneExplorer please write a short mail to me. So i can check if there is anybody else working on your translation.

Basicly a languagefile is a ini-file with extension *.lng. It would be possible to edit those files with notepad, but its recommened to use Initranslator. With this application you can work very easy and efficient with languagefiles.

Start Initranslator and open the file [MyPhoneExplorer-directory]\languages\English.lng as original file. Please only use English.lng or German.lng as basefile for your language, cause only this two files are sure complete and correct. Translate all strings and then save the new languagefile in the languagedirectory of MyPhoneExplorer. As filename you choose the name of the language.

Some notes for the translationstrings:

If your languagefile is ready please mail it to my so i can add it to future versions of MyPhoneExplorer
I will add your name and optional weblink in the creditswindow of MyPhoneExplorer

Best regards
Franz Josef Wechselberger

MyPhoneExplorer is Freeware.

However, software development does cost a lot of time and money.

If you want to secure future development and keep MyPhoneExplorer free, please give a donation.


If you would like to support me with a direct bank transfer, please use the following account details:

Franz Josef Wechselberger
IBAN: AT613634200000015784
BIC:   RZTIAT22342
Bank: Raiffeisenbank Tux

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