How to create a holidayfile:

Holidayfiles for MyPhoneExplorer must have the extension *.dat . Open an existing holidayfile with notepad and you'll see the filestructure.


Every line represents a holiday

Structure of a line:
There are three values seperated with a | - char
1st: Name of the holiday
2nd: Use 1 for an official holiday (markets are closed) and 0 for other holidays
3rd: datevalue of this holiday

There are three optional values seperated with a space

1st (required) :
This is the base date, some examples:
0101 - 1st January
0507 - 5th July
ES - Eastersunday
EES - Eastersunday in the east (orthodox) church
03052006 - 3rd May 2006 Note !! In this Format the holiday is only parsed for the given year ! Only for special holidays which cannot be calculated on any other possibilities.

2nd (optional): Use this as counter for days: eastermonday would be ES +1

3rd (optional): Here you can set a weekday, use the following strings: MO=Monday, TU=Tuesday, WE=Wednesday, TH=Thursday, FR=Friday, SA=Saturday, SU=Sunday.
Example: The second sunday in may 0105 +2 SU , or the last monday in november 3011 -1 MO

Some examples:
New Years Day|1|0101 The first january
Ash Wednesday|0|ES -46 46 days before eastersunday
Martin Luther King Day|1|0101 +3 MO The third monday in january

If there are any holidays in your country with can't been represented with those datevalues (like eastern in christendom) ,
please contact me, and i will try to find a way how i can calculate these days

After you have finished creating the file you save it in the holidayfolder (usually C:\Programs\MyPhoneExplorer\holidays ).
As filename you choose the name of your country with extension "*.dat"
Now you can select your holidayfile in the optionsdialog of MyPhoneExplorer.

I would be thankful if you can send me your created holidayfile so i can add it to future versions of MyPhoneExplorer. But please check that the calendarfile works correct on a few years.

Best regards
Franz Josef Wechselberger