MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.9 released

MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.8 released

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Sponsor for download hosting was found 2011-04-15
The last weeks i had much problems with the speed of my server cause the high amount of visitors. A delighted user of MyPhoneExplorer offered me to host the setup on his high speed webspace:

Many thanks to the team of Project66
MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.1 released 2011-03-18
Some changes for Android-based phones:
  • Bluetooth-Support
  • WiFi-Connection can be protected with a optional PIN-Code
  • possibility to enter the IP-Address manually to overide network problems
  • Access to Contact-Groups
  • Contact-accounts and calendars are displayed
  • Download installed apps through Backup-wizard
  • fixed many bugs
MyPhoneExplorer 1.8 released 2010-10-01
Many people waited for this update and now its finished. MyPhoneExplorer is now able to manage Android-Phones - and not only from SonyEricsson. This means there are many new supported models f.e. SonyEricsson X10, HTC Desire. Motorola Milestone, and much more.
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