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Thema: Sync setup for Fritzbox phonebook

Antworten: 2
Aufrufe: 813

BeitragForum: English section   Verfasst am: Mi Jul 07, 2021 23:30   Titel: Sync setup for Fritzbox phonebook
I cant figure out how to sync phone-book to my Fritzbox 7390.
How could I find the right Username and password in Friztbox?
I got a message "Cant find file structure in Fritzbox" (translat ...
Thema: whited out text after firmware update

Antworten: 1
Aufrufe: 793

BeitragForum: English section   Verfasst am: Di Jun 15, 2021 23:37   Titel: whited out text after firmware update
using myphoneexplorer vers 1.0.66
my samsung galaxy s8 had a firmware update a couple of days ago and since then the myphoneexplorer task reminders have started coming up as whited-out text. They wer ...
Thema: I can not connect ---- sometimes----

Antworten: 1
Aufrufe: 880

BeitragForum: English section   Verfasst am: Di Jun 08, 2021 23:55   Titel: I can not connect ---- sometimes----
I have used this excellent software for a number of years and often had connection problems but they seem a lot more regular since I change my phone to Huawei / Android ...
Thema: Starting a Chat asks for phone numbers

Antworten: 1
Aufrufe: 955

BeitragForum: English section   Verfasst am: Di Mai 11, 2021 00:33   Titel: Starting a Chat asks for phone numbers
Recently (in MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.14), when I select a text message in the Inbox and press the Chat icon to start a chat with the specific person, I get a "Select phone numbers" dialog where ...

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