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Thema: Unable to delete archived messages from MPE

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BeitragForum: English section   Verfasst am: Do Jul 11, 2019 03:14   Titel: Unable to delete archived messages from MPE
I have copied some messages to the archive on MPE, and manually deleted them from my phone, but I can't find a way to delete them from the list of messages that is displayed. Those messages are no lon ...
Thema: Crashing Windows Explorer on Windows 10

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BeitragForum: English section   Verfasst am: Do Sep 24, 2015 07:24   Titel: Crashing Windows Explorer on Windows 10
I just modified the general.ini file by adding NeverCreateDuplicatesInMessageArchive=1

That was to solve the problem where I was getting a message asking if I wanted to copy duplicate messages to t ...
Thema: Prompt bug about duplicate messages in archive

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BeitragForum: English section   Verfasst am: Do Apr 03, 2014 04:02   Titel: Same issue - Samsung Galaxy S4
I've added the line


to both recommended locations but it hasn't made any difference. I also have AutoSMS, otherwise no SMS-related software.

thanks ...

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