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Thema: Keeping the windows app connected to the phone app

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BeitragForum: English section   Verfasst am: So Dez 20, 2020 20:17   Titel: Keeping the windows app connected to the phone app
I use the latest MPE, on both Windows 10 and Android 11.
I cannot keep the windows app connected to the phone app although they are both on the same Wi-Fi network.
It looks like there is no kee ...
Thema: Old "Time Period" calendar sync keeps applying

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Aufrufe: 1651

BeitragForum: English section   Verfasst am: Sa Okt 10, 2020 20:56   Titel: Old "Time Period" calendar sync keeps applying

I used to sync my calendar with a sliding time window of 30 day in the future and 180 days in the past, but some time ago I moved to "Sync all events" - but MFE still prompts me to de ...
Thema: Dllhost.exe internet access with every

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BeitragForum: English section   Verfasst am: Di Apr 21, 2020 10:51   Titel: Dllhost.exe internet access with every

Since the new version, 1.8.14, in every sync of the contacts and the calendar/appointments - my host based firewall prompts that a process named dllhost.exe is trying to access an IP address o ...
Thema: Post wishes, Feature requests here

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BeitragForum: English section   Verfasst am: Mo Apr 06, 2020 13:16   Titel: Running MPE for Android in the background
Please have a setting for MPE of Android - so when it is launched - it will automatically be minimized to work in the background and not "steal" the GUI focus from the current app or cu ...

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