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Anmeldedatum: 23.12.2017
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BeitragVerfasst am: Di Dez 26, 2017 15:41 Antworten mit ZitatNach oben

Reps in the Eye of the Public in 2008 [opinion]
Dec 29, 2008 (Vanguard/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX) -- In an attempt to assess the performance of the House of Reprehensive in 2008, this column attempted a small vox pop. The opinion expressed range from the caustic, sarcastic to even adulation. It is an interesting read
"As far as I am concern, the removal of Patricia Etteh was to bring in someone they can do the same dirty deals with, but this time, to benefit all of them. Why have they kept quiet on the car purchase deal? To me they don't exist in 2008.
- Arc. Timothy Avong, MD, Advocacy Visionary Limited
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The House of Representative this time has tried. I am aware that they have passed many Bills. They have also held several Public Hearings on very important national issues. Look at the probe of the power sector and the revelation that came from it. My only worry is that nothing has come out of the report.

Again, the Joint Committee of the two chambers to review the constitution is another positive thing to the House.
I also like their understanding of the parliamentary affairs. I think in the overall 2008 was a great year for the House of Reps
- Hon. Jonathan Asake, former House of Reps Member
"I think they have been very active this year. They were the most vibrant of the two chambers. I praise them on the power probe, though I don't know why they are now hiding the report. But, I am not impressed with them on the way they have handled that car purchase issue by the Speaker. I thing they are hiding something"
-Kingsley Nwezeh, Deputy News Editor, Thisday
"They have been too slow this year. I am yet to hear of any Bill they have passed. While the Senate has since passed the 2008 Budget, the House of Reps is still speaking English on it. How can this country move forward? I score them low as far as 2008 is concern.
- David Tekura, Real Estate Developer
"Their performance have been very poor. They seem to take pleasure at fighting themselves. They are trying to remove the new Speaker again because of some cars he bought for them, though I agree that that is a big scandal. The only place I would have said they tried is in the power probe. But, they have buried that report too. So work done is equal to zero
- Abiodun Adesanya, Businessman.
"They are not doing anything there. How many Bills have they passed this year? How many of them have direct impact on the ordinary Nigerian? Another issue that most people don't know is this Constituency Projects. The EFCC should look into that. I was a Legislative Aide there, so I know what I am taking about. What did they say when Nuhu Ribadu was being tossed around and finally removed? Nothing!
They have buried the power probe. And now they have killed the Speaker's car purchase probe. The last one year has been a fruitless one for the House of Representatives. I hope they wake up in 2009.
For more information:
-Barr. Tony Asekome, M A Bello and Co.
Reps in 2008 by its official spokesman.
"2008 has been a great year for the House of Representatives. We have recorded several achievements. You are aware that it is the House of Representatives under the charismatic and transparent leadership of Speaker Dimeji Bankole that Nigerians came to know that out of the $16 billion spent on power projects by the last government, $13 billion cannot be accounted for. Also, for the first time in the history of Nigeria, unspent fund of a previous year was collected to the tune of N450 billion. Next year we are using unspent funds of 2008 to fund part of the budget. It has never happened before. All this is because the Speaker believes that every kobo of government money must be accounted for. Mr. Speaker has told the world several times that in the past five years, revenue generating agencies of government have not remitted $24 billion into government coffers. It was the effort of the House that uncovered that.
"Again, Mr. Speaker has made legislative duties to be taken seriously by members. He has introduced what we call sessional reports. So that every committee must submit a quarterly report of its oversight functions, or the committee gets no imprest for the next quarter. You see committees now hiring consultants and staying from 8am to 8pm just to meet this obligation.
"In the past one year, the House of Representative has maintained a non-confrontational posture to the executive. There has been synergy between the executive and the House.
"We have been able to make great strides because Mr. Speaker believes in his members ability. He gave Committee Chair positions to those who can perform, not based on party. And you are aware of many non-PDP members manning some sensitive committees.
See also:
"On the car purchase saga, I want to assure you that if there was any element of presume guilt, there would have been no way that he would have agreed that the matter be handled by a standing committee of the House. He would have formed an ad-hoc committee that he would control. But he believes in his innocence so he has allowed due process to follow.

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Anmeldedatum: 19.02.2011
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evtl. Hier mal reinlesen
Dort solltest du alles notwendige finden...

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