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Anmeldedatum: 02.02.2008
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BeitragVerfasst am: Di Apr 06, 2021 11:36 Antworten mit ZitatNach oben

Since FJ and the other noteworthy contributors did awesome and detailed job in making MPE a great app, I take the effort to write the bug report concerning international characters dispayed as two 8-byte invalid chars after contacts sync


PC side:
Win10 x64 v20H2
Lang: Us
Region / Administrative - > Language for non-Unicode programs: Current language for non-Unicode Programs
Croatian (Croatia)

Android Side:
Samsung J320FN
Android 5.0.1
Lang: English
Keyboard (chars typed in databases etc.); Croatian

Bug description (short):

MPE sync incorrectly gather from Android the type of text encoding inside the Android Contacts database (the fields first name last name etc.

User experience:
After an unpleasant surprise of garbled chars in contact names (a very visual regression) - in this case there is a doubt of data integrity for a split second. Getting back to what really happened, realized it is related to the interpretation of international characters with no automated quick fix or manual setting in MPE.

Detailed description:
During the sync of the whole phone database in the phone and MPE, the international characters are presented as two-byte invalid characters in place of the character originally used and displayed correctly (in my case it is Croatian Android Language setting that also input all the contacts with int chars)

Then, invalid characters appear throughout the whole contacts database inside of the phone

Only these international characters that previously appeared correctly in all the Android contacts now appear as two 8 bit values (and look invalid of course - throughout all the other apps like Viber Whatsapp, proving further the statement

(Encoding was apparently interpreted incorrectly and a sort of 16-bit value-to-two-distinct-8-bit-characters are in place of the original 16-bit international character


1. To have a procedure to undo - fix the database entries encoding flag/table/whatever interpretation back to be displayed correctly via correctly reading android system language and/or contacts database flags, and an optional user visual approval for converting back to correctly looking display codepage

2. A mechanism to make sure that First Last name positions, and international characters are read from the database correctly

Thanks for the great app in any case, hope this might be an easy fix in source code, have a great day! Smile
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