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Anmeldedatum: 16.03.2012
Beiträge: 10
Wohnort: Astoria, N.Y

BeitragVerfasst am: So März 18, 2012 23:31 Antworten mit ZitatNach oben

UPDATE: After writing and posting this, I discovered that if I use the 'sync to outlook' in MPE on the desktop it would update the picture as long as I made some kind of text change in the contact. So I placed the word 'picturefix' in the info field of the contact that I wanted the picture to be transfer over to Outlook from MPE!

Ok, I know after reading a ton of messages on the topic you are sick and tired of answering questions or explaining that you can't fix the issue.

I'm talking about those pesky Contact Pictures.

Ok you can't fix the issue of the Contact Pictures going from the phone to the computer or getting updated from the computer to phone when we make a photo change.

I get that!

But I was playing around last night with the MPE software on the pc desktop.

I am happy that you included a way to add the contact pictures in your software with the bonus of resizing to the correct pixel count for the phones to prevent distortion.

I am also happy that you gave an additional ability to save that re-sized picture back to the desktop using the contacts name as the file name.

So if I set my pictures with your MPE desktop software, and do a sync the phone will get the pictures in the correct size.

And now the problem that everyone is complaining about, those picture updates or even new pictures added to contacts don't get over to Outlook in the sync process.

I don't care at this point whatever the technical reason is, it is what it is.

But we have on the pc computer's hard drive a set of pictures that have the contact names, if we were careful to save the picture that we added or changed. Yes, it's a lot of manual work if you have thousands of pictures but most of us only have about 100.

So here is the idea:

Since we have on the hard drive in a particular folder the contact pictures in the correct size with the file name of the name of the contact; wait for it here it comes, can you write a small program (ok, nothing is a small task in the end) that can add the pictures to Outlook then?

With this, you remove the problem of attaching new or replaced pictures during the sync operation.

You give us an ability to at least get the correct contact pictures added to the contacts in Outlook.

The at least we have gotten the pictures in the Contact regardless of looking at any flags to see if something has changes.

Its just a program that runs a batch of adding the pictures in a directory that has the contact names as files names, and just push those pictures into the Outlook contact database regardless of any flag changes.

Basically a push into Outlook without needing to check for a change or update. Push all of the pictures each time we run the little program.

Check in the particular directory for a name that matches the name of the contact in Outlook, if it's a match, add the picture (whether or not a picture is there already or not).

Ok, I'm not going to try and describe the idea much more than I have, so if you don't understand what of what my idea is, just ask and will try to better describe it.

So is this a possible work around, is this something you can provide for us?

It would be a separate program or a plugin, whatever it needs to be.

But it would just have one function, push pictures in a directory into Outlook based on the file name as the contact name.

The we would end up with the correct picture in both Outlook and in MPE and on our phones.

Thank you for your consideration on this idea.


PS And maybe this would quite all the questions about this issue once and for all. Maybe not the best solution but at least it's something you can provide to shut us up! Thanks again!

Robert L Astoria Queens, N.Y.C
- Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch! SPH-D710
- Newbie to Android! (6 months now)
- Previously WebOS Palm Pre (Sprint)
My Phone Explorer:
Phone app version: 1.0.16
Desktop software version: 1.8.2
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Site Admin

Anmeldedatum: 15.02.2006
Beiträge: 30439
Wohnort: Tirol

BeitragVerfasst am: Do März 22, 2012 23:38 Antworten mit ZitatNach oben

Its a interesting idea.
(ok, nothing is a small task in the end)

Yes, thats true. But if i add the code inside MPE then it should be doable without days of developing. The question is strategic:
- how you would make this visible for the users so they really understand what is happening and why ?
- what you would do in the other way (since Outlook does crop pictures very hard) ?

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Bitte benutzt auch die Forum-Suche bzw. die FAQ
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