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Anmeldedatum: 09.01.2016
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BeitragVerfasst am: Sa Sep 08, 2018 00:05 Antworten mit ZitatNach oben

I have 1300 contacts, which were all categorized as "Phone" contacts on my BLU R1 HD (Android 6.0). When I switched to a Moto G5 Plus (Android 7.0), it insisted on making all the contacts Google contacts, with no option for a Phone contact. I was not thrilled about that (as many others have said too) but I turned off Google contact syncing and, until I had time to research it further (so that I can have strictly local contacts), decided to live with this situation temporarily.

So far, this is just a previously discussed problem (though one for which I'm still looking for a solution), and not related to the Subject line, but read on ...

I usually add new contacts via Outlook 2002 (yes, really 2002, works just fine!) and all my new contacts, whether added via Outlook or on the phone, sync over just fine, and always as "Google" contacts on my new Moto Android 7.0 phone. Until today, where, unexpectedly, one new contact I added via Outlook got classified as a "Phone" (NOT "Google") contact upon sync, and shows up that way both in MPE and on the Android! Subsequent contacts I added continued to be added as Google contacts, so this was just a strange one time thing.

So my questions are:

1. WHY did this one-time classification as a "Phone" contact happen? I did nothing different in how I added the contact in Outlook, as I have added hundreds before, nor is there anything special about this contact. Clearly I did not change any setting inadvertently since subsequent additions did not repeat this behaviour (and Outlook has no knowledge about "Phone" vs. "Google" anyway).

2. Since this DID happen, apparently my new Android 7.0 phone (which I thought no longer supported local-only non-Google Phone contacts) DOES support local Phone contacts (as proven by the one Phone contact I have, even though I can't replicated this phenomenon!) Given that, how do I get the behaviour I really want, which is to have all my contacts be Phone-only contacts by default (and stay that way)?
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