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 MPE desktop / Win7 shuts down immediately after startup Nächstes Thema anzeigen
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Anmeldedatum: 03.01.2020
Beiträge: 1

BeitragVerfasst am: Fr Jan 03, 2020 23:28 Antworten mit ZitatNach oben

ISSUE RESOLVED - probably SMS.DAT corrupt file

1) MPE would shut down immediately after starting up

2) After reviewing other posts, I realized there was DEBUG.txt. I reviewed that and could see that it crashed while loading the SMS.DAT file

3) I renamed the SMS.DAT to SMS.DAT_BACKUP

4) Restarted the program and it worked fine. The next sync seems to have rebuilt the SMS.DAT file from my phone data.

This program is really so great.


I didn't see any other posts on this. I think I searched correctly.

I've relied on MPE for probably 3 years or so. Suddenly (last few days), when I start it, it loads up all the way to showing my contacts. The startup popup screen stays up and updates what it's doing. Once it's all done - MPE just shuts down without warning or message. I never have a chance to type anything - it feels like it completes program load then exits.

Also - Win7 receives most updates (even though it's days from abandonment) and MPE is current version 1.8.12

Any ideas / suggestions?

Thank you.

Logdatei MyPhoneExplorer
Programmversion: 1.8.12
Datum: 2020-01-03

13:29:54.77 Windows Version=6.1
13:29:54.77 Setting Port: 999
13:29:54.77 Setting Baud: 115200
13:29:54.77 Avaiable Ports: COM1=\Device\Serial0; COM3=\Device\AgereModem5; COM5=\Device\BthModem0;
13:29:54.77 Main Load frmSplash
13:29:54.84 Load frmSplash...
13:29:54.84 Show splash...
13:29:54.88 frmSplash geladen
13:29:55.79 Hauptfenster wird geladen
13:29:55.97 Sidebar fertig geladen
13:29:56.23 UC SMS wird geladen
13:29:56.29 UC Phonebook wird geladen
13:29:56.33 UC Phonebook fertig geladen
13:29:56.33 UC Calls wird geladen
13:29:56.37 UC Organizer wird geladen
13:29:56.48 Organizer initiated
13:29:56.53 Startpage=1
13:29:56.55 UC Filebrowser wird geladen
13:29:56.68 UC Filebrowser fertig geladen
13:29:56.68 UC AppBrowser wird geladen
13:29:56.69 UC Notes wird geladen
13:29:56.70 UC Calls wird geladen
13:29:56.76 Setting Lastuser: samsung SM-N910P [99000474443151]
13:29:56.80 PasswordCheck OK, check Userfolder, G_AppData=G:\Apps\MyPhoneExplorer\MyPhoneExplorer
13:29:56.80 CheckUserDirectory for: samsung SM-N910P [99000474443151]
13:29:56.80 Userfolder=G:\Apps\MyPhoneExplorer\MyPhoneExplorer\samsung SM-N910P [99000474443151]
13:29:56.80 ParseModell
13:29:56.83 Lade Userdatenbank: samsung SM-N910P [99000474443151]
13:29:57.09 LoadGridLayout Error: 9
13:29:57.09 LoadDatafile: pb_metadata.xml(15014 Bytes)
13:29:57.12 LoadDatafile: Phonebook.dat(450614 Bytes)
13:29:58.70 Kontakte geladen
13:29:58.72 LoadDatafile: Calls.dat(64077 Bytes)
13:29:58.90 ParseDialedCalls needed 16ms
13:29:59.47 Anrufe geladen
13:29:59.49 Organizer LoadUser DefaultTimeColWidth=133
13:29:59.51 LoadDatafile: Organizer.dat(46022 Bytes)
13:29:59.59 LoadDatafile: cal_metadata.xml(1598 Bytes)
13:29:59.66 Organizer geladen
13:29:59.67 LoadDatafile: Notes.dat(2459 Bytes)
13:29:59.67 LoadDatafile: notes_metadata.xml(322 Bytes)
13:29:59.68 Notizen geladen
13:29:59.68 Load SMS Data...
13:29:59.73 LoadDatafile: SMS.dat(4314887 Bytes)
13:29:59.74 SMS - Datenbank wird geladen...
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