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Anmeldedatum: 23.10.2021
Beiträge: 1
Wohnort: Mississauga, Canada

BeitragVerfasst am: Sa Okt 23, 2021 19:11 Antworten mit ZitatNach oben

I have been using MyPhoneExplorer for many years to sync up Notes in Outlook with the MyPhoneExplorer Notes app on my phone via USB cable.

It's always been easy, never had any problems until recently and I now have about 900 notes that get sync'ed. But recently I noticed that some notes aren't synchronizing between MPE and Outlook. Note that I add/edit/delete notes in both Outlook and on my phone so the sync is set up to go both ways.

For security reasons I usually run under a regular User Windows account on my Home PC. It does not have Administrator privileges. That has worked for me for a long time, including syncing Outlook to MPE, but I wonder if something has changed in Windows 10, or in Outlook that is causing the MPE sync to fail to sync all notes now.

On the user account MPE has no difficulty reading in all the notes from my phone via the USB cable. That is not an issue. But today I did a close comparison and I had 852 notes in Outlook and 872 in MPE, and upon investigation the differences were all recent notes, i.e. notes that were added, modified, or deleted in 2021. I upgraded to the latest version, 1.9.0 of MPE, but sync'ing still didn't work.

Reluctantly, I logged in to the Administrator account on my home Windows 10 PC, installed Outlook - I'm on Office 365 - and MPE 1.9.0. I sync'ed these up and suddenly roughly 20-30 notes from Outlook were added to MPE, and about 30-40 were added or modified in Outlook. It looks like deleted notes were sync'ed too. In other words, it worked.

So that leads me to believe that Administrator settings are now needed to run MPE and have it sync everything with Outlook. I had been getting some changes to sync up in User mode. I'm guessing that MPE could edit existing notes on both sides, but couldn't add new notes to Outlook, nor delete them.
It also couldn't find deleted notes in Outlook. I didn't test it exhaustively, I'll leave that to experts.

Anyway, that's all background information to my main question: Does MPE need Windows 10 Administrator privileges to sync up with Outlook now?

Has anyone else noticed that? It would be a shame because it means I'd have to log in every now and then as Administrator to sync up, and I'd really rather not do that.

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