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20.04.2008 at 17:20

Just wanted to say thanks for such a great program, i've used it for a long time now and i just can't fault it. So thx 4all ur hard work
20.04.2008 at 17:11

Durch deine Software hast du mir schon ziemlich weiter geholfen!
Ich hoffe, dass das Projekt weiter geht.

Viel Erfolg noch,
20.04.2008 at 12:34

What a fantastic piece of software! It is very rarely that I find such a useful and solid piece of software as this.
20.04.2008 at 09:57

HI, I would love to say " MPE is Great " . It just does what i need to do with my SE mobile . " THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR GIVING US MPE ". It would be even great if MPE would have worked for Nokia phones also. " Thank You Again . Keep up the good work.

20.04.2008 at 02:03

Das neue Vista Sidebar Gadget ist der Hammer! Vielen Dank für deine Mühen!
19.04.2008 at 23:22

I discovered your website and MyPhoneExplorer, which solved my unability to communicate between my Sony phone & my Win Vista computer.
To make a long story short, THANKS.
Messages : 6991 to 7000
Page : 700
Number of messages : 8589