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09.04.2008 at 14:40
Kirill Bolgarov

Another excellent example of how a small team of developers easily outpace the big guys. I mean, just try to use the default SE software and then switch to my phone explorer! Thank you guys, thanks a miliion!
08.04.2008 at 23:48

Really. Thank you.
I will consider a donation.
08.04.2008 at 17:25

works perfectly with thunderbird lightning v 0.8 !
very useful, wonderful software, I am truely grateful and will donate for the first time in my life for a free software !!!
please keep on rolling !

08.04.2008 at 10:14

Plese note:
Suspend usage of MyPhoneExplorer at version 1.6.6 for Windows, until author removes the trojan ciadoor.123.
By following this request you'll help preventing the trojan to spread.
Thanks everybody for co-operation.

Antwort : Once again: Its a FALSE ALERT ! There ius no trojan in MyPhoneExplorer
08.04.2008 at 02:22

08.04.2008 at 00:31

thanks man, keep going with this excellent software!!
07.04.2008 at 13:45

Awesome program!
07.04.2008 at 10:00

Hej Hej

ein wirklich tolles Programm!

Habe gerade die neue Version runtergeladen. Dabei wurde allerdings auch der Trojaner Win32.Ciadoor.123.by mit runtergeladen. Ich dachte das solltet ihr vielleicht wissen.

Ansonsten...Einfach danke für dieses super (und kostenlose) Programm.
Messages : 7041 to 7050
Page : 705
Number of messages : 8595