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08.10.2008 at 02:01

Great work!

Fantastic program!
07.10.2008 at 23:03

bonjours je tient a vous dire merciiiiiiiiiiii pour ce soft complément indispensable de tout gsm de marque Sonny ericsson il ma rendu bien des services tout du long

voilooo en espèrent une très longue v ie a ce soft car ces vraiment super coolll
07.10.2008 at 11:50

Super Programm, da sollten sich die Hersteller mal ne Scheibe von abschneiden. Vom Feinsten, vielen Dank
06.10.2008 at 14:16

Now beeing a Mac user I have returned to your program when I bought the Acer Aspire One for my PC-programs.

Your program is better then ever!

Thanks a lot!

06.10.2008 at 09:14

You actually had made my p1 worth the money I spent on it!
Business phone without proper synchronisation was one nice unfinished model.
Now - it is complete!
Thank You wery much, and my respect for your skills!
05.10.2008 at 20:09

good work dude. Sony Ericsson itself couldnt even get close to such a magnificent software. I got to say that im really amazed by such a great simplicity and usability. words cant explain how i feel about tis software but all i can say is WELL DONE
Messages : 7131 to 7140
Page : 714
Number of messages : 9293