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15.10.2007 at 10:52

ALUCINANTE realmente muy buen Soft, lo mejor que vi hasta el momento y realmente no busque nada mas :D sigue asi! :D
gracias gracias gracias!!!

Saludos desde Tucumán. Argentina
15.10.2007 at 05:18

Super Programm! Werde erst Recht wegen Ihrem Programm SE Treu bleiben! Weiter so und nochmals 1000 Dank!!!!!!

Viele Grüsse
15.10.2007 at 04:54

Yes I had a feeling it was the case, just in case I given you heads up to let Kaspersky know about it. I also tested your file with virusscan.jotti.org only Kaspersky has warning that day.

Just downloaded again and the latest virus definition no longer pop up any warning

14.10.2007 at 20:48

Byłam odpoczęłam, wzięłam oddech głęboki, powrócę...
14.10.2007 at 06:19

New MyPhoneExplorer 1.6.3 download from your site () pop up Kaspersky Internet Security warning virus!

detected: Trojan program Backdoor.Win32.Ciadoor.123.an URL: illo

Webmaster's reply : Its a false-alarm from Kaspersky. There is NO virus in MyPhoneExplorer ! Update again your Kaspersky-Virus-Definition
14.10.2007 at 06:02

Thank you guys! :D
14.10.2007 at 00:03

Super Software, danke und weiter so !!!!!
13.10.2007 at 18:57

Love your software, much much better than the stuff that comes out of the box with Sony Ericcson phones.

keep it up please! Sony Ericsson users around the world need you!
Messages : 9471 to 9480
Page : 948
Number of messages : 10228