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24.07.2007 at 10:29

superbe, genial, merci
24.07.2007 at 00:04

VERY nice program. I've been using it for over a year, to save SMSes from my phones. First a K700i, now a W810i.
Just made a small donation too ;)
And to think this is written in VB... Impressive.
Keep up the good work!
I wish you'd spend some effort on making it work with the Symbian phones too... Perhaps with a stub program running in the phone to help out?
23.07.2007 at 13:49

The best SE software i've ever seen!!!
Just one wish: to check for free space on phone before uploading any file - there will be an error message if phone hasn't enough free space
22.07.2007 at 22:11

Danke für das tolle Programm! Besonders Klasse sind die Flash SMS
Schön wäre noch eine Option um die Telefonnummer zu internationalisieren.
Gruß aus Hamburg
22.07.2007 at 03:13

After looking around the 'net and being very disappointed by the programs to sync my phone and computer via Bluetooth, I was OVERJOYED to find MyPhoneExplorer! What a GREAT application!!! Not only did it sync my Google Calendar to my phone (which I had wanted to do all along), it also allowed me to easily back up my pictures for the first time ever!

22.07.2007 at 00:46

How can such a software is not commercialized? Amazing simplicity but so powerful! BRAVO! You deserve, beyond all means, respect of the whole SE community users. DONATE.
Messages : 9781 to 9790
Page : 979
Number of messages : 10228