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30.03.2007 at 11:47

This was one of the best sync software I´ve ever seen! I'll donate as soon as I come home! Keep up the good work!
30.03.2007 at 10:58

Ich bin normal nicht der Gästebuchschreiber-Typ, aber einen Lob muss ich doch wirklich mal loswerden. Sehr gute Arbeit.
29.03.2007 at 20:29

Ein dickes Lob an den Autor der Software!! Sie funktioniert einfach klasse! Da kann sich Sony Ericsson mal ne Scheibe abschneiden!

Hut ab und weiter so!
29.03.2007 at 20:25

Hey, this software is king, really. great user-friendly interface and layout, nice little extras, and most importantly - IT CAN CONNECT TO MY PHONE!!! Felt like bashing my head when I tried for days but couldn't get float's mobile agent to connect to my w810i no matter what I did...this thing trumps float's in spades. anyways, cheers and keep up the good work!
29.03.2007 at 09:21

WOW...software that actually works!!! I am impressed. Not only does it work well, but looks good doing it. The feature set is more than I could have hoped for. This is my holy grail for calendar sync. You are a certified ROCK STAR!!! Keep up the fantastic work! There should be a developer's hall of fame for people like you. Very pleased.
29.03.2007 at 03:28

This was great software. Works with no problem on Windows Vista.
Keep up the good work.

Messages : 7131 to 7140
Page : 714
Number of messages : 7146