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John C schrieb am 13.04.2007, 20:47

oh well/ oh well/ smile smile
Best for ever being close to blind I have never been able to neither read or write sms. Now I can sms with my two traveling sons.

Thanks friends, when my son come home I wil ask him help me send a donnation,
Yours sincerely

John Carstens

Mixmeister schrieb am 13.04.2007, 14:55

hey dude!

the software you make is realy wonderful!


Grtz from Belgium!
oh well/ oh well/ oh well/ oh well/
Vinod S.T. schrieb am 13.04.2007, 14:32

Hey man.. Wonderful Software.. It just rocks.. I can say I Love my mobile as I have the software now.. Hooo... :V)
- Can Save Messages, Archive, ( My Favourite ) :lol:
- Browse the Memory Stick
- Load the MP3s, Save the snaps to Comp..
- Load the Themes..
- Hey what more can I say now?? No words to say.. :-D
- So sooo sooo User friendly... Hats off to the TEAM.. oh well/

Hey one small request..
The initial time to load is little more (May be as I have a lots of msgs in Archieve?!) and takes little longer time to Load, Save n Delete the messages.. Can this be optimized? :? If yes, it will be really great..

Hey whatever whatever.. I am very thankful for u people for providing us this Wonderful Software... Keep the good work.. Good Luck..


Please ensure that you are using v1.5.9 . In this release i mady many performance-optimations in the message-archive.
DarkBlood schrieb am 13.04.2007, 14:26

great work, very very good program
Gonzo schrieb am 13.04.2007, 08:46

Super Tool, nur leider werden verschobene Termine einer Serie nicht sauber verarbeitet. Diese verbleiben beim ursprünglichen Termin der gesamten Serie.
Sebastian schrieb am 12.04.2007, 21:51

Ich sag einfach mal "Danke" für so ein geiles Programm!!! Genauso ein Teil hab ich schon seit langem gesucht...endliche kein Bangen und Zittern mehr, wenn ein altes Handy beschädigt ist...oder man aufgrund eines neuen Handys alle Einträge wieder neu abtippen muss!
Deine Software ist wirklich top und ich hab sie schon an einige Kumpels weitergegeben! Die sind ebenfalls total happy damit!
Ich werde auf jeden Fall, auch wenn ich nicht so viel Kohle habe, einen Betrag per paypal an Dich überweisen, denn das ist es mir wert!
Danke für Deine/Eure Mühe und weiter so!

Schöne Grüße aus Deutschland und schönen Abend noch!
oh well/
Nik schrieb am 12.04.2007, 17:00

Wow, deine Software macht all den mitgelieferten und sonstwie erhältlichen unsinn überflüssig! Und dazu sind mir noch keine Fehler aufgefallen.
Respekt und vielen Dank
Crono schrieb am 12.04.2007, 14:18

Hi, your Tool is the ONLY reason why I don't switch from SE to another brand - really a must have programm oh well/
Matthew schrieb am 12.04.2007, 11:14

At last!! A decent piece of software that work for the mobile phone market!!! I have tried all sort of things, and this one works so well, no problems or error messages, the interface is nice! and everything works so well! Thank you!!
And I agree with previous comments, bigger developers should look to this as an example of how to do it right!
Nelson schrieb am 12.04.2007, 00:35

Truly an excellent product - puts all the big players to shame!

I mean, there's no manual and out of the box I was able to set up everything to work first time without any confusion or hint of not knowing what I was doing.

This is a fantastic application and so well thought through - it's simplicity hides any complexity, a truly excellent product.


Don't ever ever go to work for SE or any of the big players for that matter!


Because the big players WILL

1) stifle your obvious excellence
2) force you to conform to their marketing strategy
3) apply impossible deadlines (causing corners to be cut, functionality to dropped, bugs to be overlooked) and
3) the end product will never ever be the fantastic product it is now

You should be proud you can produce something far, far superior to the big players (with all their big development budgets, masses of staff and a huge marketing machine behind it all).

May much goodness be lavished upon you for your efforts.

Thank you.