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Anmeldedatum: 22.11.2019
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Wohnort: Florida

BeitragVerfasst am: Fr Nov 22, 2019 19:12 Antworten mit ZitatNach oben

UPDATE -- I don't know why, but this time I saved the IP of 93 in the F-2 setup for WiFi. As reported below, the "Search for Device" was broken. However, the F-1 connect key DID FORCE looking for 93, and only ...93. So, I DID finally connect my Chrome Book.

During first sync:
Contacts, Call and Message Logs, and Files timed out when syncing finally, but Calendar and Monitor Worked. The Contacts, Phone and Messages and Files Errors out, I think with: OBEX Errorcode: C1 - Unauthorized. You must go to the Chrome book to Authorize these, and I suspect that you must also need to be logged into whatever accounts you plan to sync. Once you accept, resync. I don't have access to the System files, but everything else appears to be there.

[Before] = Auto Scan did NOT find the Chrome Book to ADD the device.

-- UPDATE -- This is STILL a problem:
I hit F-2 and wanted to scan a fixed IP WiFi. It has "Search for Device" greyed out, after entering the IP for this F-2 UI. so I cannot scan at all from this F-2 screen.

When I save the IP, and then try to scan using F-1, it NOW WORKS, but failed several times.

WHEN it DID fail, I could see in the logs that it did try, couldn't find it (but found many other WiFi devices I have), and then it instead said, "Try using the last IP used (28=for my phone)", which then connected to the phone, instead.

MARK this now as "Unknown or Unconfirmed Problem", since it did fail before, as described. But, the last time I tried, it correctly forced trying to connect ONLY to the saved, NON-cached IP:

    I'd like to have it automatically try the last IP as default, but there must be a way to force not using the cache, or know where that location the IP is stored so I can manually change it. (Registry? .INI file?) If so, I could connect to the CB and confirm that works first, even if scan is not working.

    Please add some very clear buttons at the top of the main MBE-EXE screen to control connections:
    - Device NAME
    - LIVE? connected?
    - Disconnect
    - Connect To: [list or prompt for new existing device]
    - Scan for New, [or if fail, try to connect to last device]
    - Last Synced: [time/date]

    In the MBE-C-Android please add buttons to:
    - Announce/Retry [again for 15 minutes]
    - Close connection
    - Sync [Try to force sync]

    Why? When setting up an Android 5.0 device, before I changed the setting to force "always connected", I had a great deal of difficulty shutting down, and restarting the app with a cold start, without which, the PC couldn't find the device[s].

    The Chrome Book does have an IMEI, but not an IMSI.

FYI --- How can we flag spam or at least notify an admin? [See 11/22, today's 2 spam posts in this section.]

Note-3 * Android-5.0 * Win-10 * WiFi * MPE-C[lient] =Auto-Updated? ** (Also ChromeBook = Android 7.1.1)
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